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Ergonomic Guide for the Best Gaming Setup!

Ergonomic Dark Gaming Setup

Ergonomics made for you

You can hurt yourself while gaming, and we’re not just talking about walking into a table while using a VR headset. The ergonomics of your gaming setup can affect you long-term if it is not setup up with your wellness in mind.

For hours on end sitting on your chair and looking at a monitor with your mouse and keyboard or controller can, over time, cause pain and discomfort.

We can help with that with Ergofurniture’s, Guide to Ergonomics.

Getting to know the Basics to ergonomics

The basic setup for your gaming PC will generally have a chair, desk, monitor and the actual PC. Having the right setup for you is important, that’s why we supply a range of options for just that.

The general rules of a gamer’s setup for optimal comfort in short and long-term care are:

  1. Have your feet flat on the ground
  2. The top of your monitor should be at eye level
  3. Have your elbows at the same height as your desk

These 3 tips in creating an ergonomic set-up for your gaming help to decrease the harmful effects of sitting for hours at a time.


Our Recommendations

When it comes to gaming products, we’ve got just what you or someone you know might just need.

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For your Light Set up gamers

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