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Your Questions Answered: How to Work Best at Home

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. Japan’s recently called the COVID-19 the “biggest crisis” since World War II. Businesses are sending employees to work from home as the virus continues to expand.

As many employees are not used to working remotely, there are many things that they may not be aware of. We’ve comprised this list of helpful tips to ensure that you can still work productively from home.

  1. Invest in an ergonomic chair!

2. Get yourself desktop accessories to help improve posture

Egronomics is key- whether you are working at an office, or from home. From comfort, positive physiological advantages (think digestion, respiration and cardiac efficiency), to improved cognition and function.

When working from home, how often is it that you find yourself slumped over, or losing concentration throughout the day? Workplace accessories such as laptop trays help elevate your laptop to a comfortable height; allowing you to work efficiently throughout the day.

3. Listen to the experts

Remember to take regular breaks, the benefits of posture and ergonomics, and move throughout the day!

We are here to help you through the COVID-19.

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How to Uplift Yourself When Working from Home

Uplift Yourself When Working from Home!

As COVID-19 spreads many of us are working from home. We may as well be comfortable. Some guidelines we have include:

  • Set Up A Designated Space
    The first step is to set up a designated space that differentiates your ‘work’ from your ‘home’. Set up a space away from the TV; the fridge, and the X-Box. This is key to productivity, and getting the work done.
  • Time Management
    Good time management ensures that we complete the tasks that we have to achieve. Starting at a similar time that you do at the office, organising and prioritizing your tasks. Don’t procrastinate. Maintain a routine.
  • Break it up: Set Regular Breaks for Yourself
    Take regular breaks and take regular exercise.
    Move. Sit and stand.
  • Ergonomic Furniture is your Friend
    Using quality ergonomic furniture makes a massive and monumental difference to work quality, your productiveness, as well as your wellbeing in general (for example, decreasing back and neck pain and eye strain).
  • Don’t strain your eyes – use a monitor arm.
  • Don’t strain your back – use a laptop holder.
  • Don’t strain your neck – get a decent office task chair.
  • Make a positive difference to both you and your work.


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The ‘Uplifter’: Portable Desk Riser

Easy Ergonomics

Do you sit when you work? According to Safe Work Australia; excessive sitting is a WHS issue. Up to 50% of workers in Australia sit when working, and the average work time per day is 8-9 hours. Effects of long-term sitting may include back pain, neck pain, and the weakening of muscles.

There are multiple ways to combat this- from sitting on yoga balls to running on a treadmill desk. But realistically, how practical, applicable, and effective are these methods? Employers don’t want workers injuring themselves by losing balance, or worker’s being so distracted by power walking or running that their work becomes neglected or delayed.

Here’s where we introduce the Uplifter: the practical, convenient solution to increasing health and productivity in the workspace. The portable desk riser allows users to switch between sitting and standing, as well as raising their screen to eye-height; therefore increasing ergonomic positioning. The Uplifter works in different work environments and allows for a simplistic yet extremely efficient solution in the workplace setting. 

If you are interested in the Uplifter, as well as other ergonomic and practical furniture and equipment, head over to to find out more.