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About Ergo Furniture

ErgoFurniture (est. 2003) is a quality and convenient place to shop for ergonomic furniture.

We provide furniture to maximise productivity and comfort, whilst minimising physical and financial strain. Our furniture is comfortable, affordable, and built for the task.

We offer Australia’s most complete range of monitor arm mounts, as well as industrial chairs & lab chairs, and height adjustable table frames. Our customers include corporations, government, the education sector and individuals seeking more healthy and effective ways to work from home. Our products are carefully selected and configured to be comfortable, affordable and suitable for the task.

We are a wholly owned division of Uplifting Solutions Pty Ltd. (ABN: 23063940027).

Uplifting Solutions is a quality certified (ISO 9001) company with over 16 years of trading and over 5,000 customers. We ship nationally from our Sydney warehouse. All products are held in stock in Sydney and customer deliveries are not subject to excessive “air miles”, or international shipping. You are buying direct from a well established, quality certified, independent Australian owned company. We offer the convenience of online shopping, combined with personal, quality service.

If you would like to learn more about us: during business hours, contact us on 1300 798 050, or feel free to complete our enquiry form.


Ergonomics is an applied science focusing on human needs in the design of products, processes and technology.

A simple definition is fitting the task to the human.

Ergonomists contribute to the design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, products, environments and systems in order to make them compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of people. Although ergonomics can be applied to wide areas such as engineering psychology and business process optimisation; the term is usually considered in a physical sense as it relates to the workplace. Ergonomic chairs for example.

The actual term ergonomics was coined in the nineteenth century from the Greek words ergon [work] and nomos [natural laws], but ergonomic design principles have been applied since ancient times. Attention, situational awareness and hand-eye coordination are all important to decision-making and the success or failure of a task.

At ErgoFurniture we endeavour to provide furniture that allows users to operate comfortably and productively, with a minimum of physical (and financial) strain.

This website is owned and operated by Uplifting Solutions Pty Ltd. ABN 23 063 940 027