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Why Sit When You Can Stand?


www.ergofurniture.com.au provides a leading range of height adjustable desks for the home office.

Home office desks need to be easy to use and easy to assemble. Ergofurniture.com.au desks have been specially designed with the home office user in mind: providing ease of assembly and operation, as well as excellent functionality.

The Lima height adjustable desk is hand wind and very precise. The Sierra electrically adjustable desk features dual motors and excellent ease of assembly, while the premium TiMotion electric height adjustable desk also features dual motors, with extras such as an automatic safety switch and programmable functions.

As the saying goes: “sitting is the new smoking”. Quit smoking, start standing, mix up your day and get active in the home office with our range of sit-stand desks. Choose how to work, sitting or standing.

Ergofurniture.com.au will help you maintain a healthy work-at-home lifestyle.