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Find Your Higher Purpose

smesh drafting chair

Sitting up tall to work has been popular for centuries – and it’s not only architects who prefer drafting chairs for the home office.

Originally developed to assist draftsmen to draw at high tables with sloping boards, drafting chairs have never gone out of style for designers, software engineers and DIY-ers alike.

Drafting chairs allow the user, who may spend long hours working at a high surface, to be comfortably supported on an elevated seat. Although the seat is higher than for a conventional desk, the adjustable foot-ring makes it easy to transition from a standing to sitting position.

ErgoFurniture has an extensive selection of drafting chairs for a range of applications and settings. The polyurethane version is popular for home workshops and food preparation, while the mesh-back and upholstered drafting chairs are ideal for the home office and studio. All the drafting chairs can be paired with a sit-stand desk for working at a higher than conventional desk height.

Drafting chairs are not just for the industrial or design workplace – they’re practical and adaptable for myriad situations. If you’re looking to work more comfortably on a high surface, an ErgoFurniture drafting chair could be the answer.