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The Why and How of Active Sitting

The Why and How of Active Sitting

Regular exercise is of course great for your body, but it doesn’t make up for the prolonged amount of time most office workers spend sitting throughout the day. We are all too sedentary. We put on weight and lose muscle tone. But there is a solution: Active Sitting.

What is active sitting?

Active sitting is a way of keeping your body moving whilst seated, with chairs and stools that move in tune with the body. Through motions of rocking, wobbling, and even bouncing!


Benefits of active sitting

Through active sitting, your lower back and leg muscles are engaged. Helping to improve:

  • Posture
  • Strength in your core and back muscles
  • Overall stress levels that may be placed on your body
  • Energy levels during the day
  • Users focus and productivity for longer
  • Comfort while working from home


How to stay active while sitting at a desk

Staying active while working is often something that we don’t find time for in our days, constantly zoned into our work. here are a couple of small tips you can implement into your routine to make that working day a bit more enjoyable. 

  • Set a timer for breaks a least every hour to stand up and reset
  • Stand instead of sitting either for the whole day or for timed intervals
  • Take 10 minutes to stretch whenever you start feeling uncomfortable
  • Invest in active seating that supports you, even when sitting down. 


ErgoFurniture chairs that promote active sitting:


Ball Seat

The Ball Seat adds bounce, movement and a bit of fun to your daily routine. It assists to relieve stress and build energy while you work. Active balance enhances concentration, and unlike using a conventional balance ball, this ball won’t roll away when not in use! The full 360° swivel makes it simple to switch from one task to the next, reducing strain on the lower back from bending over to pick things up, with minimal slouching.

Wobble Stool

Wobble Stool5

The Wobble Stool is a versatile, height-adjustable tilt and swivel stool; lightweight and fun to use, while providing serious postural benefits. The Wobble Stool encourages active sitting – the base of the chair is convex, rocking 30 degrees which help to keep the spine correctly aligned. Suitable for height-adjustable workstations, the Wobble Stool is adjustable to heights compatible to either perching at a sit-stand desk, or sitting at a conventional one. Overall, the stool helps users to minimise neck twists, spine twists and slouching.

Pilates Stool

The Pilates Stool is a premium height adjustable rock and swivel stool that combines quality and stability with active movement. The slightly convex spiral textured base is the larger version to the Wobble Stool, although much lighter. There is less of a lean angle when using the Pilates Stool, which is more suitable for taller users. Or the type of user who is perhaps quite experienced with Pilates, who prefers active movement, but not too active. Users can rotate safely and freely on the Pilates Stool, which is self-balancing, but with not quite so much movement as the wobble stool.

Leo Balancing Stool

Leo stool

The Leo Balancing Stool takes active seating to an innovative level with its dynamic movement and adjustment. It differs from other rocking stools in that the ergonomics of the elongated, skateboard shaped stool base enable users to tilt further in one direction that the other. This provides a north-south, east-west type of rocking action, rather than the 360 degree rocking action usually found with other wobble / balance stools. The Leo is also delivered fully assembled to metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.