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It Only Takes One To Tango

Laptop placed on Tango electric desk

The Tango Electric height adjustable desk is an excellent all-in-one package for the ergonomic home office. It features a built in drawer, dual electric motors, a height adjustment range from 730mm to 1220mm, a sturdy frame, anti-collision sensor, two USB ports and a desk size of 1200mm by 600mm.

Specifically designed for the home office, the Tango Electric Desk is a full functioning integrated unit with one desktop size and a built in drawer.  The memory controller allows for customized settings to be pre-set to save 4 preferred desk heights, a particularly useful feature in a shared workspace (e.g. with both partners working at home) or if you like to alternate between preferred sitting and standing desk positions. The 3 x USB ports allows you be charge your phone and devices without the need for purchasing other additional charging units.

The generous (660 x 320 x 45mm) storage drawer is perfect for storing away the diary, pens, papers and other stationery items; keeping the desktop neat and tidy.

The Tango – height adjustable desk is pre packaged in one box for easy assembly, quiet and smooth operation, specifically designed for the home office.