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Say No To Phubbing With MIMI

Mimi scene

Are you a phubber? Phubbing is the act of snubbing someone you’re speaking with in person, in favor of fiddling with your phone. In other words, phubbing equals phone snubbing.

We all use mobile phones, sometimes 24/7 it seems. Or at least we’re handling them most of our waking hours. We don’t want to, but we do. We phub.

However we don’t want mobile phones out of sight either  – we need to communicate, but not to phub.
Mimi lets you stay in touch but keeps phubbing at a minimum. Free your hands. Stop pubbing. Get Mimi.

A hands free mobile phone holder that lets you see what is going on, who is calling, etc, but without continually touching your phone. Without pubbing.

Mimi: the hands free mobile phone holder. Break free from phubbing!