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Reduce Fatigue Working From Home

Anti-fatigue mat functionality

Stuck at home working not exercising? Ergofurniture’s new anti-fatigue standing mat can help you exercise and work concurrently.

The mat features a soft, contoured polyurethane foam surface with a built-in roller ball, which allows you to exercise the soles of your feet while sitting or standing. A soft but durable mat surface reduces pressure on feet and legs, while providing supportive firmness – cushioning and supporting your feet, knees and hips; and helping to reduce aches and pains during long periods of standing. The integrated roller ball provides active feet exercise and stimulates circulation.

The contoured surface lets you place your feet however you want – one or both feet resting on the elevated features, or in a neutral standing position. However you stand, the raised-surface mat relieves pressure on your heels, legs, and back.

Particularly suitable when used with sit-stand desks. An ideal accessory when working from home. Available now at Ergofurniture.com.au