Single tier cable basket, 953mm length with hardware

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The Single tier cable basket is a neat tray for computer cables management. Mount vertically or horizontally under your desk.

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The Single Tier Cable Basket, mounted on the underside of the desk, provides a sturdy and effective cable management system for your workstation.

953mm length, 100mm height, 70mm wide

Why buy this:

Wire cable baskets can be used to run insulated cables (such as computer and electrical cables) under the desktop, to keep your work area tidy, organised and, most importantly, safe. Each tray is large enough to house everything you need to operate a typical workstation, and can even accommodate larger items such as inline power adapters if required. The Single Tier Cable Basket can be mounted in vertical or horizontal configuration depending on your requirements.

For users who require a particularly high capacity the Double Tier Cable Basket is also available.

Who buys this:

The Single Tier Cable Basket is useful for anyone wanting to neatly manage a regular quantity of cables under the desktop.


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