Prima Gas Monitor Arm

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Prima gas monitor arm is a gas lifted, fully adjustable monitor arm mount that suits many functions.

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The Prima Gas Monitor Arm is a versatile, extendable monitor arm with easy height and weight adjustment.

Why Buy This:

The Prima Gas Monitor Arm is an economical choice when gas lift operation is the best solution for mounting your monitors. Featuring an external knob for simple adjustment for monitor weight.

Prima Gas monitor mount can be configured with one extension arm (210mm) to give it a horizontal reach of up to 650mm, or further extended with an additional arm to provide a total horizontal reach of 860mm.  It can be either desk-clamp mounted or through-desk mounted. The VESA compliant-tilter allows movement from landscape to portrait orientation, and a velco strap provides cable retention.

Who Buys This:

A popular choice for call centres and software developers, the Prima Gas Monitor Arm is an economical choice for lower weight monitors.

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Package Dimensions 64.5 × 13.7 × 27.4 cm




Extension arm

None, 1 x 210mm, 2 x 210mm

Self assembly

Basic self assembly required


5 years