Keyboard Tray for monitor arms

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A keyboard tray for a monitor arm will float the keyboard and mouse off the desk.

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The Keyboard Tray provides a simple and sturdy platform for a keyboard and mouse to float above the desktop.

Why buy this:

With the Keyboard Tray, you can position your keyboard and mouse exactly where you need them, to ensure a comfortable angle and a natural wrist position. It attaches to most VESA compatible monitor arms. A front handle provides ease of adjustment.

The Keyboard Tray is ideal for the 7Flex, 7000 series and the 7500, monitor arms with the additional coaxial bracket that forms the Tandem Keyboard Tray. It is also suitable for selected wall mounts. A monitor arm, with VESA bracket and tilter, needs to be purchased separately to use this product.

The photos show the keyboard attached to the monitor arm with the bracket. When purchasing the Keyboard tray please consider it requires the coaxial bracket to be attached to a monitor arm.

Maximum load is 10 kg.

Who buys this:

The Keyboard Tray is a neat solution for a multiple screen mount, or a sit-stand work station, where the keyboard is mounted independently of the monitor. It is also ideal for situations where there is limited or no desktop space, such as in a server room, or a store room, or on a mobile trolley.


Keyboard tray universal

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Weight 2.1 kg
Package Dimensions 77 × 42 × 29 cm



Black, Silver


10 years