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The 7500-1500 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is a robust and adjustable monitor arm used for holding heavy monitors. Only 1 left in this PUTTY colour.

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7500-1500 heavy duty monitor arm – 1 only left in stock in this PUTTY colour.

The award-winning 7500-1500 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is a robust and adjustable monitor arm. From the world’s largest dedicated manufacturer of monitor arms, the 7500 allows easy positioning of your monitor exactly where you need it.

Why buy this:

Capable of supporting monitors from 6 to 13 kg, the 7500-1500 is designed for great flexibility. The monitor arm extends horizontally up to 68 cm, with vertical range of 45 cm.

The monitor can also be tilted up to 200 degrees, and pivoted from landscape to portrait. Integrated cable management keeps your work surface free of clutter.

Supplied with the FLEXmount, the 7500-1500 Radial Arm can be mounted in six different ways, including desk clamp, thru-desk and on the wall.

The 7500-1500 is also available with a black or silver Keyboard Tray, which mounts behind the monitor (the keyboard bracket is black in colour), and allows the monitor and the keyboard to be moved in unison.

Who buys this:

The 7500-1500 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is ideal for providing freedom of movement for any large heavy monitor. In Australia this monitor arm is extensively used by air traffic controllers, and other similar control rooms with multiple shifts and larger monitors.




8318 Flexmount instructions for 7500-1500

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Package Dimensions 58 × 44 × 22 cm



Putty (between a white and very light grey)

Weight range

6 to 13.5 kg


5 years