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Mats Matter

Mats Matter

Protect your home office floor with Ergofurniture’s new floor mats. Transparent mats that protect either your hard wooden, tile or vinyl floor, with a special model for carpeted floors.

Pacing the ground while working from home? Maybe you’re in lockdown? Never fear, you can maintain the pace but protect your floor with our Ergofurniture chair mats. New in stock for 2021.

Ergofurniture chair mats protect home office floors against damage from castor wheels that continually roll on the same area. The clear, key-shaped mats are 900 mm x 1200 mm, designed to fit neatly under desks. They are anti-static with a bevelled edge to avoid any catching, if castors roll on or off the mat. A smooth rolling surface makes it easier to move chairs around, allowing users to simultaneously protect their floors and move more comfortably.

Maintain the pace. Protect the floor. Get a mat!