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Lighten up! Don’t work in the dark

Furnishing your home office for better ergonomics often begins with decisions about standing desks, monitor arms, office chairs and other desk-centric accessories. But good task lighting is also essential for staying comfortable and alert throughout the day.

Blending ergonomic design with functional technology, the Venus LED Desk Lamp’s sleek design allows for precise desktop illumination. Customisable to each user, the Venus ensures that your lighting keeps your eyes happy, your mind focused and your day productive.

The Venus rotates and tilts in two different axes, on a solid and stable neoprene-lined base. Its 10-stage light dimmer allows illumination adjustment from 10% to 100%, making it easy to suit the desktop lighting to your setting. Plus it’ll never let you down – the Venus LED Desk Lamp provides up to 50,000 hours of LED life, which equates to over 25 years of typical home office use.

Give your eyes a break and shine the light exactly where you need it.

The Venus LED Desk Lamp – available now at ErgoFurniture.