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Let Actiflex Heavy Duty Do The Heavy Monitor Lifting

Do you need to mount a large monitor on your desktop to get your information and images front and centre? If so, the new Actiflex Heavy Duty Monitor Arm should be central to your consideration.

Large monitors and particularly curved monitors have particular ergonomic issues when mounted in a home office. Typically, it is difficult to get the correct viewing angle, as more depth of vision is required, and the curvature of some monitors make it difficult to fit the confines of many home office desktops.

The Actiflex Heavy Duty monitor arm is specifically designed to mount heavy and large monitors quickly and easily. The Actiflex desk clamp is attached by the above desk fitment mechanism which makes it unnecessary to crawl under the desk to fiddle with clamps.

The fitting takes five minutes and the adjustment even less as it is automatically adjustable by fingertip operation once mounted, so the monitor stays just where you need it. The gas spring tension in the arm is counterweighted by the weight of the monitor which effectively floats the monitor above the desktop.

Supremely flexible and supremely easy to install, the Actiflex is the ideal companion to a large monitor installed in the home office.