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How to Uplift Yourself When Working from Home

How to Uplift Yourself When Working from Home

Uplift Yourself When Working from Home!

As COVID-19 spreads many of us are working from home. We may as well be comfortable. Some guidelines we have include:

  • Set Up A Designated Space
    The first step is to set up a designated space that differentiates your ‘work’ from your ‘home’. Set up a space away from the TV; the fridge, and the X-Box. This is key to productivity, and getting the work done.
  • Time Management
    Good time management ensures that we complete the tasks that we have to achieve. Starting at a similar time that you do at the office, organising and prioritizing your tasks. Don’t procrastinate. Maintain a routine.
  • Break it up: Set Regular Breaks for Yourself
    Take regular breaks and take regular exercise.
    Move. Sit and stand.
  • Ergonomic Furniture is your Friend
    Using quality ergonomic furniture makes a massive and monumental difference to work quality, your productiveness, as well as your wellbeing in general (for example, decreasing back and neck pain and eye strain).
  • Don’t strain your eyes – use a monitor arm.
  • Don’t strain your back – use a laptop holder.
  • Don’t strain your neck – get a decent office task chair.
  • Make a positive difference to both you and your work.

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