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Give Turtle Necks The Flik

Give Turtle Necks The Flik

Many laptop users hunch over their laptops, developing what is sometimes known as turtle neck or swan neck syndrome. The head leans forward in an unsupported way, leading to headaches, backaches, and overall poor posture. Fortunately, Ergofurniture has a variety of simple but effective products that allow laptop users to adopt better postures and more relaxed ways of working.

Using a laptop holder is a very simple way to bring your laptop screen to the correct eye level, when used in the home office in conjunction with an external keyboard. Laptop holders are also beneficial on the road, to position laptop cameras at the right angle for Zoom and other virtual meetings. Choose from our FlikSkiGoanna, or Bento range of standalone laptop holders. Or you can use a laptop tray in conjunction with an existing monitor arm; Ergofurniture.com.au also provides a range of simple laptop trays to attach to pre-existing arms. A variety of options to ensure that you work in an ergonomically comfortable way.

One of our most popular laptop raisers is the Flik. Simple, adaptable, and portable. Developing a turtle neck? Give it the Flik! Get comfortable and get productive in the home office, shop online with Ergofurniture.com.au

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