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A Fine Mesh For The Home Office

Breathable, casual and stylish, mesh back computer chairs are a popular choice for the home office. ErgoFurniture has an extensive range of mesh back home office computer chairs, available for immediate delivery.

Breathable back rests and lightweight appearance suit a casual office ambience. Choose from ~
ExecMesh office chair from $470,
GMesh home office chair from $260, or
SMesh office chair from $195.

In addition, our popular ErgoMesh top-of-the-range executive chair from $849, or OMesh from $470.
Not to mention the Gala Mesh, a great option for home offices with its moulded seat pan for curvy bodies, while the H1 Force Chair is yet another mesh back chair, specifically designed to accommodate larger frames.

If you need a mesh back chair for your home office, Ergofurniture.com.au is certainly the place to shop.
All prices include delivery to east coast metro locations.