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Get An Emu In Your Office

Flexible mobile phone holder

The Emu mobile phone holder provides the ultimate flexibility in positioning mobile phone or small screen devices. Suitable for screen sizes from 4 inches through to 12 inches.  Emu features a ‘gooseneck’ style flexible 110cm length arm, with an adjustable width swivel bracket.

This enables you to view devices from almost any angle. Suitable for Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7 Edge and more.

The bracket is mounted on a ball joint at the end of a flexible 110cm length gooseneck arm. An adjustable wide jawed G-clamp secures the Emu to most surfaces. The wide clamp provides stability and allows either horizontal or vertical mounting.

Perfect for reading, watching, or recording the latest on Tik-Tok. Emu is versatile and very well suited to younger members of the family.

Available now at ErgoFurniture.com.au