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Standing vs. Sitting: Why Stand Up When Working?

Height adjustable desks, hand-wind, portable and electric desks are now hugely popular in Australia. First introduced into Europe over ten years ago, they are now a standard office requirement in many countries.

There’s now a growing body of scientific evidence that sitting to work all day contributes to a multitude of health problems; ranging from back pain to bowel cancer.

However, height adjustability allows different users to vary the desk height, as well as letting users change from sitting to standing throughout the day. based on their different needs or wants. Standing for part of the day also increases energy and focus.

You can find some media articles about the benefits of standing while working from:

How Does A ‘Hand-Crank’ Sit-Stand Desk Work?

The major difference between a ‘hand-crank’ desk and standard desks, is that the ‘hand-crank’ desk legs are telescopic and the height is adjusted via a hand crank.

What’s an Agile Working Environment (AWE)?

An Agile Working Environment (AWE) is an environment that features a flexible of workplace set-up. Also known as an Agility Based Workplace (ABW), it includes sit-stand desks, computer monitor arms (that can be individually adjusted) and height-adjustable seating.

An AWE provides a choice to people to work at any workstation- either regularly, or as visitors; and that the monitor surfaces and screens can be easily adjusted to best suit the individual. An AWE is ideal for organisations with flexible working, where staff may regularly work out of the office, with desks used by different people throughout the week. By catering for comfort and productivity, as well as saving on little used desk and floor space; agile working is increasingly preferred by many organisations.