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Economic Ergonomics: ErgoFurniture’s Mesh-Back Chairs Under $300

Ergonomics in the home office is an investment in your health, safety and wellbeing. Breathable, comfortable and stylish, mesh back computer chairs are a popular choice for the home office. ErgoFurniture has an extensive range of comfortable and affordable mesh back home office chairs, available for immediate delivery, to your front door.

Breathable back rests with a lightweight appearance suit a casual office ambience. Choose from our KMesh, GMesh, or SMesh home office chairs all available from under $300 and with full ergonomic adjustability.


*Waterfall Mechanism

A common feature of our ergonomic mesh chair range is an adjustable back rest through what is termed a “waterfall” mechanism. The waterfall mechanism is a series of incremental ratchet adjustments which are made by lifting the chair backrest through a series of notches which indicate the height until the desired position is reached. The very top position on the backrest releases the mechanism and the back rest slides down to the bottom again to begin the process of climbing up what is effectively a virtual ladder. Typically there are 5 incremental adjustments from the lowest to the highest. This is a very easy way to adjust the height of a backrest, and is a common feature across our range of ergonomic mesh chairs.