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Does Covid-19 Signal the End of the Agile Workplace?

The social distancing restrictions caused by the covid-19 pandemic directly affect the principles and execution of the agile office. Significant numbers of mainly large corporations in Australia and internationally have adapted agile office principles of desk sharing and equipment sharing. Are these principles consistent with the new social distancing requirements that now have to be in place post COVID-19?

In many cases, if not most cases, they’re not compatible or consistent with the agile office. So, how will the agile office survive, and in what form? Particularly when many companies have just made substantial investments in their offices based on agile principles.

Will agile principles still exist post COVID-19? The answer is yes, but not as we have previously known them. And a lot of the answer depends on the development of the vaccine. The “silver bullet” of the vaccine is that we can go back to life as normal, but, as with any vaccine, this remains to be seen. Until it is developed, we have our existing agile principles and offices- and how safe is it now to share, post COVID-19? We can still share, but we need to be careful.

Will there be a phase out of sharing and then a phase back in of sharing? A similar predicament is public transport; “no dot, no spot”. But when can we put 50+ people back into a bus? And the same can be said in an office. When can we put 100+ people back into the office? The measured rate will be based on the degree of effectiveness in combating the virus.

The other point with agile offices, is working from home. There will certainly be an increased emphasis on the importance of a dedicated home office. Not just something in the kids’ bedroom, but a more versatile environment with good home ergonomics, so productive work can be done at home. And this is the key, productive work. In order to be fully productive you need good ergonomics. Good ergonomics = good productivity. And good productivity = good ergonomics.

Everyone likes to work in comfort. Everyone wishes to go about their task in a comfortable way; whether you’re a driver, an airline pilot, a machinery operator, or someone using a computer for hours at a time every day. And when your using a computer for hours at a time from the home office; which many, if not most of us are doing, if your comfortable you’ll be so much productive. And comfort is just a function of good ergonomics.

We can all work in a cave if we want, but who wants to. We want to work in comfort. And if we’re comfortable, we’ll work for longer and better, and this is where Uplifting Solutions and Ergo Furniture can help you. This is what we are dedicated to do, and set up to provide the equipment to facilitate your comfort so come and visit our websites, and make yourself comfortable.