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Choosing the Best Sit Stand Desk for You

Sit stand electric desk

ErgoFurniture has Australia’s leading range of adjustable, sit stand desks for the home office.

From dual motor models that offer fast electric-glide, to single motor electric desks, through to innovative specialised gaming desks equipped with LED lights and gaming accessory hook and stands.

Then there are sit-stand desks suitable for students and children: lightweight, portable, pneumatically operated or hand crank models.

Plus our brand new range of pop-top coffee desks. Desks that are a combined coffee table and ergonomic desk. Whatever your home working desk requirement, we have a model to suit.

Furthermore, all are in stock in our Sydney warehouse, ready to be promptly delivered straight to your door. With free delivery for residents in east coast, metropolitan areas.

So why wait? Get the right type of modern, ergonomic, sit-stand desk to suit the way you work, right now.


Here are a few things you should consider when buying a sit stand desk:


  1. Size

The first thing to consider is your home office space. How much room do you have for a standing desk? How big a desk top will you need? Do you have room for an ergonomic chair too?

ErgoFurniture has a range of desktop sizes to fit your space, from 1200x700mm to 1800x750mm. We also offer smaller, portable desks, as small as 560x600mm, equipped with castor wheels that allow users to easily move desks from room to room.

  1. Adjustability

There are many acknowledged postural benefits to sit-stand working. Check the desk specifications, to ensure a comfortable height range, important if you may be shorter or taller than average.

Obviously, you want to ensure you can work comfortably either sitting, perching or standing. For those looking for the most adjustable desk frame, the Sierra Dual Motor Electric Desk height ranges from 620mm to 1280mm.

  1. Motors

Dual motor desk frames are most suited for users who tend to have a higher weight loads on their desks, such as multiple monitors, and are looking for better height adjustment speed. The difference between single and dual motor desks mainly relates to load capacity, adjustment speed, and budget. ErgoFurniture’s desk range includes both single (Tango-S Lite) and dual motor frames (Sierra, TiMotion, Tango), at a range of price points. Check them out here.

  1. User-friendly

It is important to make sure the desk you are purchasing is easy to set up and use. Check out our brochures on each desk’s webpage to understand the desk’s operations, assembly and ease of adjustments. For extra easiness, check to see if the desk has pre-set height options that allows you to lift and lower to your desired height with the simple touch of a finger – see our Sierra, Timotion, Tango-S Lite, and Tango Electric Desks.

  1. Durability

A durable desk is important to any workspace. Making sure your desk’s weight capacity can hold your keyboard, monitors or any accessories you may have is an important consideration when purchasing the right desk for you. Look for firm, sturdy desktops or a desk frame that has wide feet for extra stability when adjusting the desk up and down. Most of our melamine laminated desktops are a standard 25mm thick, fitted with 2mm thick high impact ABS edging. Our range of desk frames has sturdy and tested construction, as you would expect from an ISO9001 quality assured company.

  1. Shipping and warranty

All our desks come with a standard 3 year warranty, with personalised customer service to tend to your needs, with the option to extend this warranty by an extra 2 years.

If you need a desk ASAP, check out our Shipping FAQs to find out when you will receive your items, otherwise give us a call on 1300 798 050 and our customer service team will be able give you an estimation. Furthermore, input your delivery address in your cart to find out your shipping costs – note we deliver free to most east coast metropolitan areas!